Attorney Bandazian Elected Chairman of N.H. Bar Workers' Compensation Section

In April 2009, Attorney Christopher Bandazian was elected Chairman of the New Hampshire Bar Association Workers' Compensation Section. The Workers' Compensation Section meets quarterly to update members on changes and recent developments in workers' compensation law. Attorney Bandazian previously served as Vice-Chairman.

$250 One-Time Payment to SSDI & SSI Beneficiaries

The recently passed Federal stimulus legislation (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) provides for a one-time payment of $250 to adult recipients of SSDI and SSI benefits and some child recipients. The additional payment may issue as early as May 2009, ahead of the June 17, 2009 deadline. The payment will be made either by check or by direct deposit, in the same manner as a beneficiary's usual monthly payment. The payments will be made automatically, and recipients do not need to take any specific action to receive payment. If payment is not received by June 17, 2009, beneficiaries should contact their Social Security field office to follow-up.

BAVB Attorneys Obtain $1.5 Million Arbitration Award

This case involved a 21 year-old college student whose promising career as a concert pianist was cut short by multiple injuries suffered from a rear-end collision in Somerville, Massachusetts. The automobile accident in which she was involved caused a chronic myofascial pain syndrome in the client's neck and right shoulder, and triggered a seizure disorder from the head injuries she sustained.

The client struggled valiantly to finish college and to continue with her career as a musician, but she could no longer meet the physical demands of the hours of practice required of a concert pianist. As a result of the collision, she suffered from lapses in concentration, disorientation, spells of losing time and "blacking out," and ultimately from tonic/chronic type seizures. The medications our client had to take for her seizure disorder further hampered her musical abilities, and posed an increased risk to her for giving birth to a normal child in the future.

Relocation Of Our Portsmouth Office

On October 1, 2001 BAVB opened for business at our new Portsmouth location, 55 Congress Street, Suite B, in the heart of downtown Portsmouth. Previously located at 2204 Woodbury Avenue in Newington, our seacoast office's new location already has proven to be more convenient and easily accessible for our clients in the area. Our local Portsmouth telephone and fax numbers remain the same after the move: Tel (603) 431-3500, Fax (603) 430-9920.

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